Sunday, 29 April 2007

Be gentle its my first time................

Hi, my name is Paul, I'm currently working as a storyboard artist in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have the great pleasure of spending my working days as a drawer guy at an animation studio. After a lot of poking and prodding from friends and complete strangers I'm finally starting a blog of my own. While I wish I had a lot of insider info about Paris Hilton and Lindsy Lohan or lofty opinions on world politics and conspiracy theories, all I have to offer are my humble Sketches and Scribbles.
I'm hoping to add a weekly scribble or sketch and maybe even finish a couple of drawings along the way.
This first one is a sketch I did when I was feeling kind of bored. Yeah I know we've all seen pirate mancats before but what can I say I like the classics.


davidg said...

Dear Dr. Paul,

It hurts when I do this.....

What should I do?



Dave said...

Good to see you got the ol' blog up. Nice drawing too!

winchester said...

craaazy dude.
this drawing is powerful!