Sunday, 23 September 2007

Semi Unrependant Drunk

Here is the next installment of a weekly blog that went off track right after I started it. I have grown an admiration for those that can up with their diligent blogging commitments. Every time I post something new, I do so with every intention of making a new start and continuing with my blog until it is a fine and mighty blog in its own right. Unfortunately I let the weeks and months slip by me. Sure I have my excuses. I even pretend that the taunts of my diligent blogger friends don't hurt me. Everytime i hear the words "So..Paul I checked your blog again and I still don't see anything new. What's happening there buddy?" a little piece of my heart breaks. Don't they know I feel like the town drunk that stumbles into the local AA meeting. He leaves feeling renewed only to stumble into the bar next door once the meeting is over? Like our friend I really want to do good and pull myself up off the floor and march straight to my wacom but I'm only human. So I'm not making any promises or crazed threats to go along with this entry because all I can do is try and gosh darn thats what Im gonna do.

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